Other issues, including Africa and the Middle East

People ask me to write things from time to time on different subjects, and, as a good ex-civil servant I tend to forget about them when they are completed and handed in. Here are a few worth preserving, however.

The European Union Institute for Security Studies asked me to coordinate a study on African Armies for them, a subject which has always interested me. The Report is the only brief introduction to the subject available, and the final version is here.

And I've become increasingly interested in recent years in the problems of the African Union, the African Peace and Security Architercture and the African Standby force. A critical article about  links between the AU and the European Union on this topic can be found here. It was originally published  by ISIS Europe (which alas no longer exists) and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces. This article brings the argument up to date  after the events in Mali.

I've also been involved in Lebanon quite a bit over recent years, though I have not written about it very much. International Alert  asked me to produce a synthesis of some interesting surveys they had done on public attitudes to security. You can find the final text of the report here.

And finally I have been peripherally involved in peacekeeping over the years, and teach courses in Crisis Management and in Intelligence at Sciences Po in Paris. So I suppose it's not surprising that the Challenges Forum invited me to do some work for them on the use of Intelligence in UN and other operations. The essay was overtaken by institutional decisions and policy changes (partly influenced by the essay itself, I'm gratified to say) and so we decided in the end not to publish it. However, the final version of the text is available in PDF format for anyone to read.

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