Governance and Reform of the Security Sector

I've been involvedá with the security sectors of different countries from before the term "Security Sector Reform" was invented,á and well before anyoneá thought of using the term "governance".á

For much of that time, I have been irritated with what I see as the facile and superficial approach of many who write about SSR (a term I use as little as possible, and preferably not at all), and the unreality of a lot of things that are proposed.

My own writing, as well as the teaching and consulting I do, tries to anchor itself firmly in the reality of managing the security sector, based partly on my own experience around the world.

My two books on SSR can be found here, in downloadable form.

General articles on Security Sector Reform and Governance.
Articles on Security Governance in Africa.
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And various presentations are here.

Individual Sections:

Governance and Reform of the Security Sector France and French Security Policy
The Rule of Law Security and Development
War Crimes and International Justice Other issues, including Africa and the Middle East