General Articles on Security Sector Reform and Governance

Here are the texts of three articles I wrote for the Journal of Security Sector Management.

Understanding Security Sector Reform is exactly what it says: a critical look at an intellectually messy subject.

From Threats to Tasks is about making and implementing national security policy as a whole, without being obsessed by threats, and by taking the security sector (and by extension defence) to be essentially a provider of specialised services to government.

Finally, Civil-military Relations: is there Really a Problem? asks whether the traditional obsession with "civilian control" has any real meaning in historical terms.

In 2008, I was invited to produce a paper for the Forum on the Challenges of Peace Operations in Paris, entitled "Security Sector Reform: Ambitions and Reality". The final text is here, and the text of the whole Forum, including the presentations and discussion, is on the Challenges website.

Individual Sections:

Governance and Reform of the Security Sector France and French Security Policy
The Rule of Law Security and Development
War Crimes and International Justice Other issues, including Africa and the Middle East