The Rule of Law

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly interested in the Rule of Law, especially as applied in the Security Sector. Although the Rule of Law has a very high political profile with donors and international organisations, it's fair to say that nobody really has much idea of what the term means, and attempts to apply it to the security sector have been muddled and usually fruitless.

I have taught a number of Rule of Law† courses in different countries, trying to improve this situation, as well as giving standalone lectures, and I'm now in the midst of writing a book on the Rule of Law in the security sector, or, as I prefer to call it, the Security Sector in a Law-based State.

In the Masters'-level courses I teach on the Rule of Law in the Security Sector, I have been making use of my own Study Guide (since there is nothing suitable out there) which contains an introduction to the subject, as well as questions and suggestions for further reading. It's being revised and updated all the time but the most recent version is here.

Here is a short introduction which I wrote for the African Security Sector Newsletter and this is a presentation on the Rule of Law I have given several times on courses about peace missions.

In 2015, and in response to a number of requests, I decided to produce a book-length document expanding on the Study Guide. It needs some updating and a bit of tidying up, but you are welcome to use and cite it. And if you are a publisher donít hesitate to get in touch .....

Individual Sections:

Governance and Reform of the Security Sector France and French Security Policy
The Rule of Law Security and Development
War Crimes and International Justice Other issues, including Africa and the Middle East